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Bede Amarasekara (B. InfoTech, PGDipBE, M.Phil)
PhD candidate
School of Natural and Computational Sciences
Massey University
Albany, Auckland,
New Zealand.
Mobile: 021-2998131

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Research supervisor:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anuradha Mathrani
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Research co-supervisor:
Assoc. Professor Dr. Chris Scogings

Research Ethics Notice

Participation in this research is voluntary. You may terminate your participation or request to exclude your data from the survey, at any time, before the dissertation is handed in or results published. Any names, contact details and other identifying information are collected for the purpose of data authenticity only, and will remain confidential. As such, those data will be stored safely and securely as per guidelines of the Massey University. Such identifying information will not be published in the findings of this research.

This project has been evaluated by peer review and judged to be low risk. Consequently it has not been reviewed by one of the University's Human Ethics Committees. The researcher(s) named in this document are responsible for the ethical conduct of this research. If you have any concerns about the conduct of this research that you want to raise with someone other than the researcher(s), please contact:
Professor Craig Johnson,
Director (Research Ethics),
Massey University, New Zealand.

A Research on
"Controlling Risk and Fraudulent activities in E-Commerce"

The purpose of this research is to discover various fraud and risk scenarios associated with HTTP cookie based tracking systems in e-commerce, specifically within Affiliate Marketing model. It enables us to develop solutions to mitigate such threats and to improve the robustness of HTTP cookie-based tracking technology.

The research involves working closely with a group of selected business organisations who already have or who are in the process of implementing an Affiliate Marketing strategy for their respective organisations. These organisations will have the chance to audit their Affiliate Marketing systems against the vulnerabilities that are being discovered and the ability to implement the solutions, to create a robust system, thus mitigating financial losses.

This research is carried out in partial fulfilment of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program, which I am undertaking at Massey University, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand.

If you wish to have more information or if you wish to contribute to my research project, please contact me directly or my research supervisors.

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